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CTeam Bulgaria

We are a leading HR company in Central and Eastern Europe.
We love what we do, and above all, we love working with people.
There is no bigger joy than finding the right job for a candidate, finishing a successful training, completing a sophisticated HR consulting project, that will change the client’s company.
We believe in team work and building relationships for life.
We consider everybody who enters our office, as client – candidate, client executive, employee, coming for training or assessment, supplier.
Our business field is called “services” and we are here and happy to serve your needs.

CTeam Group – We care!

Our Services

Our Services

Recruitment and Outstaffing Solutions

Our professional team provides recruitment and staff administration solutions driven by our clients’ needs:

  〉  Search and selection solutions dedicated to filling your needs with skilled people

  〉   Payroll and staff outsourcing solutions devoted to save your time and optimize your costs and resources

  〉  Outplacement support, a valuable and ethical service dedicated to companies who decide to downsize their personnel in order to operate cost cutting

Payroll and Staff Administration

This activities include maintenance of all labor related contracts, reporting, forms, personal dossier etc. in compliance with  the local accounting and legislative requirements..

If you have:

  〉  A Short-term contract or

  〉  An activity you would like to outsource 

  〉  You do not have a company registered in Bulgaria yet, but you need employees 

  〉  An activity with high turnover or

  〉  You don‘t want to have an in-house HR department or you want that your HR department is focused on other priorities 

  〉  Issues such as Confidentiality of Salary and Benefit Information

Training Programs and Coaching

Open training courses are available to people from any organization, and are perfect when you want to train one or a few talants.

They are run regularly and provide effective training allowing you or to your people to network with peers from different industries.

The courses are led by expert tutors who are skilled in both their subject matter and in the most effective ways for participants to learn. They vary from half a day courses, designed to increase your understanding of a standard, to detailed week-long courses.


Surveys and Job Grading

 〉 Compensation surveys by PayTable
(It is the only survey detailing all IT positions by the specific technology (Java, php, Pythonetc.)
〉 Job grading by applying the world-widely recognized Gradar innovative methodology
〉 Attraction,retention and engagement of key people, schemes of salaries,bonuses and benefits
〉 Personal and busniess coaching
〉 Other solutions

Background Checking

Check of the CV

〉 Checking 1-2 jobs according to the candidate's data through our search channels

〉 Education check- verification of the authenticity of the diploma for higher education

〉 Checking presence on social networks and activities on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google 

〉 Check for participation or partnership in business reference in the Commercial Register


Profiles and Certification

  〉  Understand your employees’ behaviour so you can manage the team more effectively

   〉  Discover the personal profile of your team members

   〉  Identify your employees’ strengths and development areas

   〉  Find the right candidate for your job vacancy

   〉  Check whether your team members are ideally suited for the current roles

   〉  Plan your employees’ development

CTeam Ambassadors

CTeam Ambassadors is a weekly newsletter with our open positions for our clients, which we send by e-mail. There you will be able to see numerous jobs and contact our consultants directly, if you or an acquaintance of yours is interested in the position.

Please leave your email below, if you would like to recieve a list of our positions every week. 

Thanks for submitting!

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